Shadow People: Definitely Creepy

There are a lot of strange things in the world.

Even mainstream science keeps finding new species and sub-atomic particles and bits of our past.

It’s that area of the Unknown–where science hasn’t gotten yet–where a lot of this paranormal stuff I talk about resides. Ghosts, psychic powers, magic, demons… and shadow people.

I was (apparently) seeing shadow people before it was “cool” to see shadow people. (Does that make me a paranormal hipster?) The Internet is now wild with stories of shadow people. Quickly looking over a lot of that it’s clear that most of the stories aren’t even close to what I and people I know experienced back in the 90s.

Some of those stories, though… some of them really match up far too well to be mere coincidence.

Of course, I don’t expect you to believe any of that. Especially if you’ve never seen a shadow person. Or a shadow “dog.” And that’s okay. Someday, I’m sure they’ll be adequately explained.

What would really make that easier, though, is if people would just stop making up stories about seeing them, apply some small amount of thought about their experiences before deciding they’ve seen a shadow person (or a ghost, or a demon, or whatever), and not totally freak out if/when it happens again.

Until that unlikely day, I’ll just keep an eye out in case they decide to show up around me again. It’s been a good many years now since I saw one. I’m really okay with that. Because, seriously, these things are creepy as all hell. I’ll take ghosts any day.

Take a few minutes and listen to me tell my tale and talk a little bit more about shadow people.

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