Howlin’ at the Moon

Werewolves. That’s what I vlog about today.

I kind of dig werewolves. But more the “adventure” style werewolves than the pure horror ones.


Because talking dogs are awesome.

Okay, that’s not the main reason. (It is a reason, though.) The main reason is because smart werewolves–ones that maintain control and aspects of the person they were–are fantastic characters. That inner conflict, that mixing of raw animal power and civilization, there are so many different ways that can play out.

Can there still be horror elements in that? Yep. But it’s often a completely different flavor of horror than you get with the human dreading the full moon and trying desperately to “remove the curse” from his life.

Don’t get me wrong, werewolves make great straight up monsters. They’re terribly hard to kill or otherwise dissuade from gnawing on your internal organs, and that’s always good for some “excitement.” But if you put a “good” werewolf against a “bad” werewolf… that’s some darn good conflict right there. Especially if you’ve got humans stuck in the middle of all that. (It’s worked really well for the Teen Wolf TV series. )

I haven’t managed to get too much farther ahead than I was yesterday… so I don’t have much of a safety net going vlog-wise. This is going to make things interesting over the next few days since I have a packed schedule without a lot of video-making time.

But, for now, you can check out my ramblings on werewolves.

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