Horror Comics Redux

Just a quick overview of some horror comics history.

Those old horror comics are great things. More so when you take into account the impact they had–in part because of the people who tried so hard to ban them. Yeah, the legal action kind of killed the industry for a while, but, like any good zombie or vampire, you can’t ever totally get rid of them and they always come back.

In this case, it seems horror came back with a vengeance. At least if the movie theater of the 80s is any indication. And the current stead stream of horror-themed comics that are still being produced.

If you’re not aware, there was a huge push against the “corrupting influence” of horror comics spurred and epitomized by the book. It lead to actual Congressional hearings and, ultimately, the creation of the Comics Code Authority… which pretty much put a stake in the heart of horror comics (and anything that wasn’t kind of shallow). Read more than a little about it here.

There have been a ton of books written about the subject, and, now that we’re in more tolerant (and creative) times, you can get reprints and collections of a lot of those classic comics and magazines. The ones I mentioned in the vlog include:

And then there was the glorious In The Dark: A Horror Anthology anthology that I backed via Kickstarter (which you can, indeed, get on Amazon… and you should).

So, take a few minutes and and wander back in time to when the scariest thing about horror comics was the people who wanted to ban them… in today’s vlog.

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