From Nightmare Fuel to Saturday Morning Cartoons

Everything goes in cycles.

When it comes to entertainment, especially when we’re talking about horror, that cycles is from scary to funny.

There’s really not a lot of difference between horror and humor. Both rely on the unexpected to trigger a reaction. Both can change your view of a situation. And, more often than not, something that was once scary ends up being really funny somewhere down the road.

That cycle has played out two or three times now. The classic Universal Studios monsters, once the denizens of nightmares, became so ingrained in the general culture that they were no longer scary… and then took that extra step into being used in straight up comedies. Comedies for kids, even, if the roster of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s and 90s are any gauge. (More so if you look at still-current permutations, like Monster High line of dolls and animated shows.)

The horror icons of the 80s aren’t that far behind. Jason and Freddy have already been parodied more than a few times and people far too young to have seen the films originally (or, technically, to even legally see the films now) know the characters and don’t show a bit of fear (not much awe, either, which is kind of sad) when it comes to them.

I had enough time to try a little something new in the vlog today. I actually added some pictures. They don’t quite look like I’d prefer them to, but, hey, I squeezed in some learning, so that’s a win in my book.

Anyway, check out my ramblings on how and why we have more funny vampires now than scary ones (and how we end up with scary ones again… have you seenĀ The Strain? It’s like vampire zombies or something… definitely upping the creepy factor again.)

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