An Important Distinction

As I’ve said regularly, I’m into some strange stuff.

That includes believing in things like ghosts, psychic powers, and flying saucers. I’ve talked about them a lot over the years with a lot of people. I’ve had a handful of personal experiences and I’ve heard a lot more first hand accounts of various bits of “strangeness.”

Here’s the important thing: I don’t expect anyone to believe me when I talk about this stuff.

In fact, I get a little worried when someone I’m talking to doesn’t question the legitimacy of the story at least a little bit.

These things are weird for a few reason. They don’t happen to everyone. They don’t usually happen to people in exactly the same way. And, perhaps most importantly, we haven’t been able to reliably record–let alone reproduce–these strange happenings.

Even worse, a lot of people have lied about them over the years for one reason or another. Maybe for some attention. Maybe to scam some people out of money.

The bottom line is, a lot of the occurrences of these things can and are explained away in very sensible ways. But there are a significant number that aren’t.

It’s that bunch… those unexplained ones that can’t be waved away… that I’m interested in.

The important distinction here is that I’m talking about stuff that can’t be explained and that I don’t expect anyone to actually believe really happened. So, if you’re not interested, I’m okay with that.

If you feel the need to tear into me (or anyone else talking about this stuff) about how utterly ridiculous it is and how idiotic and/or dangerous people who believe in it are… well, please keep on walking by. I’m not trying to convince you it’s real, I’d like the same respect in the reverse direction.

There’s never been any question in my mind that all of this stuff will eventually be explained by science. Not explained away, mind you, just explained. I think we still lack the proper technology to really do so right now. Even worse, I think a lot of our current technology may actually hamper our ability to accurately explore some of these paranormal things.

But that’s all stuff I’m likely going to talk about at length in future vlogs and posts. For now, I just want you to know that I’ve got nothing to prove here. I just want to have a decent conversation about strange stuff. Specifically about experiences people have had.

So, if you’ve had strange and unusual experiences with ghosts, psychic abilities, UFOs, or anything else like that… let me know. I want to hear your story.

For now, though, you can listen to me ramble a little about the weird stuff I believe.

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