Trapped by the TV!

In an odd turn of events, it took me almost as long to create the title card graphic as it did to edit the video today. (Proving once again that I’m really not a graphic designer… or, at least, not a good one.)

Today’s topic was based on last night’s experience trying, and failing, and then succeeding to watch Heroes Reborn‘s first episode in real time via broadcast HD (thanks to the little antenna I picked up the other day). It was, in a word, frustrating.

More than just having to deal with more commercials than I get on Hulu, it was absolutely having to be tuned in at a specific time–and then not being able to do anything else unless there was a commercial on.

So different from what I’ve been doing for the past few years.

I won’t be getting a lot of use out of that antenna. Good thing it was the cheap one.

So here’s my slightly longer than normal vlog about that…


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