The Long and Winding Road

Yikes. Did not get any quicker on the edit tonight. Considerably slower, in fact.

Part of that was due to trying to take a shortcut without actually understanding what the program was doing. Yeah… won’t do that again.

Part of that was being more than a little disjointed in the initial filming. This is the sort of story I normally modify a lot depending on the reaction I’m getting from the person or people I’m telling it to. Without that feedback… things kind of start to drift and then, sometimes, just plain crash.

And there was a whole bunch that I cut out. Some of it was just plain awful, but other bits just didn’t have a place on the overall flow that I carved out during editing. (What you see in this video? Almost all completely spliced together from minute or less long clips… sometimes as small as just phrases… to put together a coherent whole.)

Yep. It’s an adventure. And I’m going to have to spend the weekend building up a backlog or this is never going to work as a daily thing.

Anyway, here’s the latest from Studio Kier


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