Minority Report in Review

It’s the new TV season so I have my pick of shows to talk about. So I’m going to.

These are comparatively quick and easy vlogs to crank out. Plus, I can also roll them over to ToobTalk (assuming I make the time to write up slightly more in-depth reviews).

This time around it’s a quick rundown of the things I generally didn’t like about the new¬†Minority Report series. I’m still willing to give it a chance, but it’s starting out in a bit of a hole because of this first episode.

I think I’ll shoot another one or four of these this weekend, that’ll give me a little bit of a buffer for the coming weeks when I have things going on after work. I should also make sure the posting to YouTube from my phone works… that way I can still get something up even if I don’t want to burn a bugger video.

Anyway, here’s today’s bit of me jawin’ at the camera

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