Equipment Check!

Okay, really late again… but it wasn’t because of editing this time. I swear!

I actually took two hours to watch the premiere of the long-awaited continuation of the Heroes TV series, Heroes Reborn. I forgot how annoying it was to watch TV in real time… no ability to take just another few minutes to finish something else before you get sucked in.

Pretty sure I’ll be talking about that on Friday. 🙂

So, yeah, it really only took about an hour and a half to produce the video this time. Nice improvement over yesterday’s four hours. The quickness was mostly due to how smoothly the initial shoot went. Apparently (and not surprisingly) I can talk about tech to a camera better than I can talk about myself.

And talk about tech I did. You even get a look at the Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Shotgun Mic and Nikon D5500 I’m shooting this with. (Also a quick look at my phone and the video it shoots… and a spin around my immediate surroundings from my couch.)

Anyway, here’s today’s vlog… just barely while it’s still today…


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