Tesla Awesomeness, Classic American Musicals, Good Superhero News, and Homestar

I was moderately successful in the music theme I wanted to have going today. I didn’t get to quite as many posts about it as I’d wanted, but that was mostly due to not having time to hunt through my feed for more interesting stuff to put between the clips.

I’d sure like to know what’s generating all the heat in this apartment. It’s near 80 degrees in here… it’s in the mid-60s outside… and the A/C (which was on because it was raining outside, which kind of precludes leaving the windows open) can’t even keep up. The oven’s off. Everything else generates negligible amounts of heat (definitely not enough to warm up the room this much–it wasn’t happening in the fall or winter).

Pretty sure that leaves the HVAC unit itself as what’s generating more heat than it can handle.

That’s just… problematic.

Guess I’ll have to put in a call about that sometime soon. Maybe next week when the summer weather plays hide-and-seek with us.

Anyway, there’s a bunch of music in the feed… go enjoy it.

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